A Method to Avoiding Cleaning my Shower

Let me make this clear – I like a clean and tidy environment, but I don’t really enjoy the process (yet). Two things I use daily to combat shower grunge are a squeegee and Method’s Daily Shower Spray.

The squeegee is kinda fun to use on the shower door, but I really like giving the entire shower a quick spritz of the Method product to prolong the times between cleaning the rest of the shower. And it makes the shower smell so nice and not chemically.

"if it might touch your bum, we want it to be really clean."

Plus I really like their packaging and their commitment to natural environmentally friendly products.

I purchased mine from Shopper’s Drug Mart last week, but I know that I have seen Method’s products all over including London Drugs and Canadian Tire.

Happy non-cleaning!!

5 thoughts on “A Method to Avoiding Cleaning my Shower

  1. Great find, Lisa! Is it effective against keeping the dreaded mineral “cloud” we all hate on our shower glass?

    1. I don’t have a cloud on my shower door. This may be due to the squeegee use as well.

  2. I love Method daily shower. I had a hard time getting my hubby to remember to use it after his shower (and I bathe instead of showering), but when I had to use his shower after my son was born, I used it daily and his shower really did stay much cleaner during that time.

  3. I love the squeegee! It saves our shower from being a complete mess. I’ll have to try the method spray to keep it even cleaner. When the shower door gets cloudy (when we misplace our squeegee routine) the Norwex descaler works better than any of the harsher chemicals we’ve tried.

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