Avoiding a post-Christmas Meltdown…

I have a love-hate relationship with December.  Today being the first day brings with it mixed feelings. I am trying my best to coax out the anxiety and replace it with joy.  Maybe I will not have my annual meltdown on the night of the 25th?  (Seriously not an exaggeration!)



Our December is jam packed with our oldest’s birthday being right in the middle of it.  This brings on a birthday party for little people and a party for big people.  Then before you know it is Christmas Eve which brings many meals and celebrations with family. Lots of food and coordination and decorating.  This year we will have a combo of Christmas decorations and superheros floating around our house.  Plus this year we are newly adding in other Christmas events like concerts.

A few ways that I am trying to calm this anxiety include:
  • Preparing early
  • Completing all of the Christmas shopping by today. Most was done online and the packages should be showing up this week!
  • Outsourcing anything I can. So far this includes our Christmas photos, hosting birthday festivities outside of our house and buying food prepared instead of killing myself in the kitchen.

  • Having a family campout by the tree on the night of the 23rd with just us 4. This idea is being borrowed from good friends of ours.
  • Only bake if necessary. Rather than to avoid doing other things or because you are supposed to at Christmas.
  • Continue running throughout December. My husband says I’m a nicer person when I run.
  • Being okay with something that is okay and not perfect.
  • Rejoicing in the chaos because I know someday Christmas might be a very quiet affair when our kids are older.
  • Forgoing an advent calendar, well because researching them the night of November 30th just won’t really work out.  Maybe next year.

How are you doing with December now here?  How do you keep your ducks in a row over this festive season?

Here are some online lists for reference for you and me:
A 12 Week checklist by SimpleMom.  Okay so maybe I will have to cram those 12 weeks into 3!
   NOTE: SimpleMom also has a downloadable Christmas budget spreadsheet
Martha Stewart’s Checklist.  A little Martha Stewart-ish, but useful reference.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding a post-Christmas Meltdown…

  1. So easy to say, and so hard to do – keep it simple. My childhood memories of Christmas are so positive, and we had nothing. I think you are better off to do less, not fuss, and enjoy the time, the friendship, the family, and the spirit of the holiday.
    My worst Christmas memories were a result of having too many balls to juggle, and trying too hard. Pot luck meals are great, and so is store bought eggnog!

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